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The Central Reserve Authority of Western Sahara, established in May 2016, regulates the financial services sector. The jurisdiction, recognized as a rising offshore finance center, operates in the Western Sahara Free Zone, ensuring regulatory practices meet international standards.

The Central Reserve Authority of Western Sahara is dedicated to regulating and supervising the financial services sector in Western Sahara.

By adhering to international compliance standards, the authority aims to establish the jurisdiction as a premier financial center.
Regulatory Authority
Established in 2017, the Central Reserve Authority manages and supervises the international financial services industry and non-bank institutions in Western Sahara. The authority consolidates regulation and supervision under a single body, aligning with international trends.
Regulatory Laws
Several laws govern financial activities, including the Companies Regulations Act, Banking and Trust Act, Insurance and Brokerage Act, Money Laundering Regulations, and the Crypto Company Act 2020.
Institutional Framework
Key structures within the authority include the Financial Stability Department, Governor, Financial Stability Advisory Committee, and Supervisory Council, ensuring informed decision-making and safeguarding financial stability.

Areas of activity

The Central Reserve Authority of SADR (CRA of SADR) is committed to the effective regulation and supervision of Western Sahara, SADR’s financial services sector, by upholding internationally recognized standards of compliance, thereby positioning the jurisdiction as the preeminent financial centre in the financial services arena.
International Banking Requirements
Those wishing to conduct international banking business in Western Sahara must apply for licenses categorized as Class I or Class II, with specific capital and deposit requirements.
Brokerage Companies
The Central Reserve Authority licenses forex brokers, with regulations detailed in the Insurance and Brokerage Act 2017.
International Insurance
International insurance businesses must be licensed under the IBC Act, outlining requirements for operation in Western Sahara.
International Trust Corporations
Entities seeking to conduct international trust business can apply for Class I or Class II licenses, subject to specific capital requirements and customer restrictions.

The list of international services we providing

Western Sahara Management and Advisory Corporation provides different banking and financial services in the jurisdiction of SADR, including Gambling & Crypto license.
International Gambling License
The authority issues gambling licenses for organizations offering games of chance, imposing stringent standards to ensure integrity and financial stability.
Crypto License
A new service offers licenses for virtual currency activities, including cryptocurrency exchange and depository wallet management.

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